You, The Manufacturer

Our presales provide you, the manufacturer, with market research, start-up capital, search engine presence and most importantly, sales.  Sell through before ever going into production.  Simply set your price, your terms and your goal MOQ here.

Start Taking Orders Today
Got some great concepts collecting dust, do you?  Start taking orders now.  Post it.  You've got nothing to lose.  If you presell your MOQ, you're in business.  If not, at least you tried.  All money is automatically returned to your buyers if you fail to meet your MOQ.  

Don't Mass-Produce Bad Ideas
Only manufacture the good the stuff - the stuff that sells.  Help reduce wasteful manufacture of bad products that do not warrant the quantity.  Think of all the embodied energy we could save.

Presell to Finance Your Innovation
The coolest concepts never make it to production.  This is your chance to change all that.  Jump over big business bureaucracy and keep things moving forward.

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