Q. What happens if the presales do not reach the MOQ?   Do I get my money back?

A. Yes, all money is refunded should we fail to presell enough units to meet the manufacturer's MOQ within the presale time period.  However, should we come close to the MOQ, the manufacturer may decide to move forward with production.  In which case your order would be filled and your money would not be refunded.

Q. What is a MOQ?

A. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is the number of units that must be manufactured in order for a product to be produced and sold at a reasonable price - high volume = low cost.  We presell items prior to production to help manufacturers raise the start-up capital they need to produce the item.   The sale price is further reduced for our buyers to reward them for placing orders prior to production. 

Q. What is a concept product?

A. A concept product is a product that has not yet gone into production.

Q. What is Moq7?

A. Moq7 is the world’s first discount preseller of next generation products. We help manufacturers meet their concept product MOQ's by offering consumers the opportunity to pre-order next generation goods at closeout prices in a concerted effort to boost innovation and create jobs. click here for an overview 

Q. Why Moq7?

A. Bank loans are not an option.  Jobs are scarce.  Retailers are failing.  Manufacturers are cutting back.  Investors are freaking out.  But, people still want next generation products and they want ‘em cheap.  People should not be priced out of great products.  Big business should not have the final say. 

Q. What's with the name - Moq7?

MOQ is for Minimum Order Quantity and the 7 is for luck.  Moq7 (Mach 7) is real fast.

Q. Do you sell anything at your New York location?

A. No, all pre-sale orders are drop-shipped.

Q. What happens after the MOQ is hit and the concept product is manufactured and all of the PreSale orders have been fulfilled?

A. The presale price goes away and the product is no longer a concept product.  The manufacturer may then decide to enter into the retail market having had success in the presale market.  They could also launch another Moq7 presale for their next batch to reduce risk and keep operating costs down.

Q. As a retailer, how can I compete with Moq7’s PreSale prices.

A. True, the presale price is below that of the suggested retail price.  But, the presale price is also below that of the wholesale price that would follow a successful presale.  So, as a retailer, you have the opportunity to buy items below wholesale.  The presale price often begins at the manufacturer’s cost and increases as the presale nears the MOQ, thereby rewarding the first to buy.   The presale will end, leaving the first to buy with the best deal around and that goes for retailers, consumers, distributors and promotional companies.

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